10 Ways Salespeople Can Up Skill with AI Today!

As an AI consultant and writer I have many C-Suite Executives asking me whether or not AI will replace their sales representatives. Most importantly they want to know whether Blended AI (See Augmented AI in Sales) is the short term answer and should they be up skilling their team or going out and hiring AI enhanced Sales People that already know how to and are using blended AI?

My answer is that the advent of AI in sales tech is not a signal for human obsolescence (nor sacrificing sales people)! Nay I Say!

It is a once in a generational opportunity for sales professionals to rapidly upskill and become irreplaceable as sales rep churn continues unabated. This is the Sales Rep Holy Grail to staying relevant and winning, by up skilling with AI:

Here are ten ways to ensure Sales Reps stay ahead of the pack with AI

  1. Embrace AI Tools: Familiarize yourself with AI-powered CRM and sales automation tools to enhance efficiency and accuracy in your sales process1.
  2. Data Analysis: Develop the ability to interpret and leverage data analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences2.
  3. Personalized Selling: Use AI insights to tailor your sales approach to individual customer needs, creating a more personalized buying experience3.
  4. Continuous Learning: Engage in ongoing education through platforms like Coursera or LinkedIn Learning to stay updated on the latest AI trends and applications in sales4.
  5. Collaborative Skills: Enhance your ability to work alongside AI by understanding its capabilities and limitations, ensuring a synergistic relationship5.
  6. Critical Thinking: Cultivate the ability to analyze situations and make decisions beyond the suggestions of AI, adding a human touch to automated processes2.
  7. Adaptability: Stay flexible and ready to adopt new technologies and methodologies as AI continues to evolve the sales landscape2.
  8. Ethical Selling: Maintain a strong ethical framework in your sales practices, ensuring that AI is used responsibly and transparently6.
  9. Communication Skills: Hone your communication skills to effectively convey complex AI-driven insights to customers in an understandable way5.
  10. Creative Problem-Solving: Develop creative solutions for challenges that AI cannot address, showcasing your unique human value6.

Top 5 New Skills Salespeople Need:

  1. Tech Savviness: Understand the technical aspects of AI tools to utilize them effectively in the sales process7.
  2. Strategic Thinking: Plan and execute AI-enhanced sales strategies that align with business goals7.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Build strong relationships with customers, something AI cannot replicate8.
  4. Negotiation Skills: Use AI data to inform negotiations but rely on human intuition to close deals5.
  5. Resilience: Be prepared to pivot and adapt strategies in response to AI-driven market changes7.

Where to Go for AI Sales Training:

Sales Prompt Training

In the age of AI, sales prompts have become a critical tool for engaging with customers and personalizing the sales experience. Here are some resources where you can get top-notch Sales Prompt training:

These resources will help you understand how to use sales prompts effectively, ensuring that you’re equipped to leverage AI in your sales interactions and maintain a competitive edge.

Bonus: Immediate Actions to Protect Your Sales Job:

  1. Update Your Skillset: Learn about AI and how it impacts the sales process1.
  2. Leverage Your Network: Connect with peers and industry leaders to learn best practices10.
  3. Showcase Your Value: Demonstrate how your unique skills complement AI capabilities11.
  4. Be Proactive: Take initiative in learning and implementing AI tools in your sales strategies12.
  5. Focus on Customer Experience: Use AI to enhance, not replace, the personal touch in customer interactions13.

In conclusion, AI is not a threat but a tool that, when wielded with skill, can elevate your sales career to new heights. By embracing these strategies, sales professionals can ensure they remain indispensable in an AI-driven world.

Please feel free to post any additional articles or resource you feel would be helpful for our Sales Colleagues.

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David is an investor and executive director at Sentia AI, a next generation AI sales enablement technology company and Salesforce partner. Dave’s passion for helping people with their AI, sales, marketing, business strategy, startup growth and strategic planning has taken him across the globe and spans numerous industries. You can follow him on Twitter LinkedIn or Sentia AI.
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