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This is how Top Sales People use AI Right Now!

Let’s face it, reps, the selling landscape is about as predictable as a toddler on a sugar rush. But fear not, my fellow win column warriors! Enter AI, the shiny new sales weapon in your arsenal that’s more powerful than a well-timed sales pitch and less creepy than a robot vacuum cleaner following you around […]

Top 10 New Applications of AI in Sales tech ’23

2023 will go down as the year of AI in business school history books. Rarely has a new technology evolved so quickly, gained wide spread use nor stirred as much concern as Artificial Intelligence. Regardless of where people stand on the use of AI (see 1984 “The Terminator“) it is already well entrenched in the […]

Demystifying AI: Shared Tenancy vs. New Siloed LLMs – Why Understanding Matters to You!

G’day readers! Today, let’s delve into the world of artificial intelligence and unravel the complexities of shared tenancy models versus what I like to call siloed LLMs. As a thought leader in this space, I’m keen to shed light on why grasping these distinctions is crucial, especially considering the concerns I have about many SaaS […]

Unlock Your Superhuman Potential With ChatGPT: 5 Powerful Prompts (By Forbes)

Within every entrepreneur lies a superhuman. That superhuman persona is capable of changing the world, earning billions, making a huge impact and living their best life. But here’s the problem: most people don’t awaken their inner superhuman. They live normal, mundane lives. They copy other people and try to fit in. They argue for their […]

5 ChatGPT Prompts To Be More Present And Less Stressed In Your Business (By Forbes)

Do you find yourself distracted by notifications when you’re on Zoom calls with clients? Do you find your eyes glazing over when you’re talking to colleagues? When was the last time you switched airplane mode on? Entrepreneurship involves juggling multiple tasks and running a team, all while thinking about the future and your place within […]

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