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Private LLM vs. ChatGPT, Which is Better Right Now?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, businesses are increasingly faced with the choice between leveraging commercial AI solutions like ChatGPT and developing their own private Large Language Models (LLMs). Each option presents a unique set of benefits and challenges, impacting areas such as data privacy, continuity, security, and cost management. While commercial AI […]

Keeping Counsel: Five AI Privacy Concerns Haunting Corporate Lawyers Right Now!

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises efficiency and innovation, it also introduces a new realm of challenges for corporate lawyers tasked with safeguarding data privacy and mitigating risk. Here are the top 5 concerns keeping them up at night: 1. The Data Deluge: I asked Gary Kibel a partner in the Privacy +Data Security practice group […]

This is how Top Sales People use AI Right Now!

Let’s face it, reps, the selling landscape is about as predictable as a toddler on a sugar rush. But fear not, my fellow win column warriors! Enter AI, the shiny new sales weapon in your arsenal that’s more powerful than a well-timed sales pitch and less creepy than a robot vacuum cleaner following you around […]

The AI Circle of Sorrow? A Funny but Cautionary Tale of What can go Wrong With AI Implementation!

Remember those heady days when CRM systems promised sales gold and marketing nirvana? Yeah, about that…well, buckle up, folks, because the next technology tsunami is here, and it’s got even more hype and potential pitfalls than a Kardashian family reunion. I’m talking about the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the shiny new toy everyone wants […]

5 Reasons VCs Want You to Use the best CRM / AI Sales Technology for Startup Success

Venture Capitalists weren’t born in the Matrix but sometimes it can feel that way if you’re a startup looking for capital. They will invest in startups that have the right idea and key people to solve a big hairy problem with a large amount of potential revenue or users, needed for a successful VC exit. […]

Top 10 New Applications of AI in Sales tech ’23

2023 will go down as the year of AI in business school history books. Rarely has a new technology evolved so quickly, gained wide spread use nor stirred as much concern as Artificial Intelligence. Regardless of where people stand on the use of AI (see 1984 “The Terminator“) it is already well entrenched in the […]

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