How do Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Hubspot CRM Compare according to Copilot?

As a leader in the AI CRM Sales tech space I was curious how AI’s would evaluate competitive CRM/AI enhanced offerings and how likely it would be that it would be factual vs. the usual CRM marketing puffery we see on a daily basis. I was also curious how much AI “hallucination” would take place and whether or not it would be to the advantage of the AI parent company (in this case Microsoft) or just generalized AI hallucinations or perhaps non at all.

Copilot comparison of AI capabilities and features across Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce CRM, Hubspot CRM:

FeatureMicrosoft DynamicsSalesforce CRMHubspot CRM
AI-Assisted SalesAdvanced AI for sales insights and personalization1AI with Einstein for predictive analytics and recommendations1Basic AI functionalities for sales insights2
Automated Data CaptureComprehensive automation in data entry1Automation with a focus on sales productivity1Automation for basic tasks2
Intelligent ForecastingDetailed forecasting using AI1Predictive forecasting with Einstein AI1Forecasting based on standard sales data2
Performance RecommendationsPersonalized suggestions for sales actions1Recommendations for next best actions1General guidance based on performance metrics2
Conversation IntelligenceConversation analysis for actionable insights3Detailed conversation insights with Einstein Call Coaching1Basic conversation tracking2
Lead & Opportunity ScoringAI-driven scoring to prioritize leads4Predictive lead scoring with AI1Lead scoring based on user-defined criteria2
CustomizationHighly customizable with AI applications1Extensive customization options with AI1Customizable to a lesser extent compared to others2
Ease of UseRequires some technical expertise4Complex, with a steep learning curve1User-friendly and intuitive interface2
CostStarts at $65 per user per month2Starts at $25 per user per month1Free for basic features; pay for more as you go2
Copilot generated table comparing Dynamics, Salesforce & Hubspot

This table provides a high-level overview of how each CRM utilizes AI to enhance the sales process. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRM offer more advanced AI capabilities, which are suitable for larger organizations or those with complex sales processes.

The challenge with this table is not knowing what is the “latest” and most correct information vs. what Copilot was able to access (and the time period). If I look at the cost, I think the research is a bit *old however, I look to my readers to help out and tell me what they think. How accurate is this table and what is AI marketing puffery vs. what these three CRM platforms can actually deliver.

*Microsoft Dynamics Official Seat Pricing Page

Salesforce CRM Official Seat Pricing Page

HubSpot – I went to their website looking for a HubSpot pricing page (like Microsoft and Salesforce) and was intercepted by the worst AI chatbot I have seen this year. It refused to answer my questions, no matter my change in prompt, instead it was just sell, give me your email address, sell, sign up for demo, sell and my last contact with it was “Thanks Hubspot Chatbot – your performance has been so horrid that I have just taken your CRM off my consideration list.”

As my dear readers know AI must be constantly monitored by humanoids. In this case my guess is they turned up the aggressive sell chatbot feature and forgot the sentiment / human part of the CX equation. Will check back in a week to see if it was an AI hallucination or programmed in.

This is your average Blended AI SME Homosapien signing off and respectfully requesting your comments and perspective. Who is going to win or will it be a dark house like Sentia AI – that will take over the CRM landscape. Stay tuned!  

David is an investor and executive director at Sentia AI, a next generation AI sales enablement technology company and Salesforce partner. Dave’s passion for helping people with their AI, sales, marketing, business strategy, startup growth and strategic planning has taken him across the globe and spans numerous industries. You can follow him on Twitter LinkedIn or Sentia AI.
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