How Not To F*ck Up – Artificial Intelligence & CRM Systems: Maximizing ROI with AI/CRM

Get ready, for the sequel! “How Not To F*ck Up – Artificial Intelligence & CRM Systems” is the game changer that will transform your comprehension of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate CRM landscape. Expanding on the triumph of the bestseller “How Not To F*ck Up A CRM System ” this comprehensive guide takes an approach to tackle the complexities surrounding the proper integration of AI into CRM.

This captivating book dives into the challenges and pitfalls that arise when merging AI and CRM. It reveals real life scenarios where professionals like yourself have encountered obstacles and wrestled with AI integration. Through these compelling case studies we empower you to learn from their experiences turning their difficulties into lessons for all of us. Together we’ll examine these scenarios analyze setbacks and emerge with an understanding of how to conquer the AI CRM frontier.

Our discussions extend beyond problematic intricacies — We shift gears to address a concern that should be on every professionals mind—the quest, for maximizing ROI by providing you with strategies and valuable insights to maximize the return, on your technology investments. Our focus is not just embracing AI for the sake of it. Rather ensuring that it brings in outcomes. All if you’re not generating revenue why would you even bother with it right?



A visionary technology leader who wears many hats in the business world, particularly in the [specific industries or sectors]. With proven skills in management consulting, business development operations, and more, Michael's expertise lies in directing highly matrixed cross-functional teams, ensuring efficient project completion and effective service delivery. His extensive global experience includes supervising technical and business process teams across continents and providing CRM toolsets to numerous organizations' workforces. He oversaw global salesforce functions and worldwide knowledge management operations, managing intricate projects, generating financing, and coordinating business demands. As a trusted adviser, collaborator, and visionary manager, Hudlow is dedicated to improving customer satisfaction, boosting company value, and fostering growth, engagement, and innovation within teams.
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